the Proscaff Quality Program
is the standard by which our
company operates.

Our quality policy represents a set of principles that do not change across the organization, type of activity or project.

Proscaff Quality Program

The program covers all aspects from design review and drawing validation, selection of suppliers, planning and implementation of procedures to execution and product delivery. A change in requirements triggers changes in procedures, new training sessions and quality control at the new level. As the late Phillip Crosby said “if finance would represent the blood, and relationships the soul, then Quality is the body of an organization.”

Our Policy

- Deliver defect-free products and services on time.
- Emphasize prevention of problems and establish a quality management system.
- Select and develop suppliers based on their ability to satisfy requirements.
- Establish reliable communication processes both internally and externally.
- Measure our progress against market and employee expectations.

Why Proscaff

We have launched flawlessly dozens of product systems and hundreds of components making our clients more successful again and again. Proscaff performance relies on four pillars: solid understanding of customer requirements, professional quality management, continuous improvement and recognition programs.

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